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Some Weird Things You Can Ignore While Shopping for Home

Are you shopping for house and enter a dark house, having cat or dog hair all over and looking too cluttered?

I personally have walked into a lot of houses where you see rugs all over, different colored rugs, bulky furniture that takes up a lot of space, dining room turned into living space, basement full of stuff that you can’t even walk, office space turned into bedroom and much more!

One thing I have to say about that, every buyer should see the potential of the house beyond that mess! Moreover it is definitely a Realtor’s duty to show the clients the potential of the place. These are the things you should ignore as when the people living in the house will move out, they will have to take away the mess as well.

The main things that matter are the layout, the neighbourhood, the size and square footage, the age and of course the price. Here are some things that you should ignore or see beyond while shopping for a house.

Bulky furniture

If you walk into a house and see bulky, old fashioned furniture in the house that is taking up all the space, don’t even bother. Remember you are there to select the house for yourself, just the house, leaving the furniture. The sellers will leave you a vacant home behind, not the furniture. Try to see the potential of the house beyond the bulky, odd colored and old furniture.

Too many colors in the house

If you are on a viewing of the house and seeing all the rooms of the houses pained different color, don’t worry about it. Try to look at the sizes of the room, try to see the amount of light coming in the house, see if the house if checking off all the boxes in your checklist or not. If the house is able to say yes to 80% of your checklist, forget the colors. You can always paint the house before your settle in the house.

Old wallpaper 

If you see the house has a lot of old wallpaper, don’t worry about that. I am aware that today’s clients want houses that are ready to move in or have to do the least work on. But painting the walls before you move in or settle in is not as big of a job. It is very inexpensive if you think about it if the house is meeting all other requirements. A fresh coat of paint won’t break the bank or take more than a week, and the end product will be a like-new home for you to move into.

Rooms being strangely used

It’s not strange to see a dining room transformed into a full-fledged office or living space. Some homeowners even have a bedroom doubling as a walk-in closet. I once saw a first-floor bedroom turned into an office. Once I saw the basement used for teaching school kids. I have even seen basement so full of stuff that you can only see the walls but not floors.

Just because the homeowner uses these spaces in a way that suits them, doesn’t mean you have to. These rooms might stand out as odd to you, but try to forget that the seller lives there.

Once they’ve moved out, the dining room will be a space that just needs a great light fixture and table. The walk-in closet can be turned back into a bedroom in less than a day.

A too-strong seller presence or you can feel like you are walking in somebody else’s house

I completely understand that it’s very difficult for a buyer to imagine themselves in a home if it’s full of the seller’s personal belongings like photos, diplomas and other personal stuff. The worst is when the seller is present at a showing. It makes everyone uncomfortable. The buyers feel like they need to be on their best behavior and can’t explore the house, dig deep into closets or cabinets, or feel free to talk out loud about what they see.

If you see a house on sale and it is in your desired location with a floor plan that’s ideal, go see it. Ignore the things you can change, and think about whether you can make the home your own.

Place Cluttered

If you see walk in the house that is full of stuff all over the place, again ignore it. Everybody is different, some buyers like very clean places and some sellers are maybe not. You may walk in the house and fee like there double the number of people living in the house that they should. Well you should understand the fact that if is only until you see the house for itself and see the potential.

Place looking too dark

Sometimes you may see a house online on sale and the pictures are too dark. Some people try to sell the houses themselves and as they are not professional photographers, they might take dark pictures. I have seen a lot of houses with the curtains not open, Shutters closed and pictures taken during night. If you see the house has amazing floor plan and offers most things that you would like, go see the house. You might be surprised that the house looks different in person than in the pictures.

House full of Carpet

To some people, nothing is appealing about the house that has dirty carpet all over the house. It is indeed not hygienic to live in the house that is very dirty but every buyer should not forget it DOES NOT have to stay there. A good Realtor’s job is to show the client that there are different ways you can tackle this situation. Like buyer can always negotiate on the price for this situation. You can submit the offer reducing the price of replacing the carpet with a brand-new flooring, or buyers can ask the seller to replace the carpet or the buyers can replace the carpet themselves after closing. There are different options but it is important to see the potential of the house beyond these things.

I hope these points will help you see the value and potential of the house beyond these little hurdles. If you have any recommendations or comments, please post them below.

Thank you.

Kind regards,

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