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How To Sell Your Home For More.

When it comes to selling a house, there are a few things that should be taken care of before we list it on the market. Making the house more appealing at the minimum cost to get the miltipled results is what should be taken into consideration. Every house usually needs a bit of tweaking before its listed so it can be presented to its best potential to get the maximum price. In my experience there are a few things that can be done which are inexpensive and can get you good returns.

Take care of your landscape and boost curb appeal

This is immensly important as first impression of the house matters a lot. Clean and tidy front yard can add substantial value to your house. People should park in front of your house and should already fall in love with it. People buy with emotions, more beautiful it looks, more likely it is to sell for better price. 

Create a Welcoming Entry

Put up a nice welcome artwork, set up a nice little bench or little table with chairs on your porch, put some potted plants close to the doorway, put up a new mailbox and make your entrance look welcoming. There are so many ways you can make your entrance look welcoming. Do not just leave it empty.

Repaint your front Door Entry

This is another step that people forget. Some people choose bold colors and some just repaint them with neutral colors. Whatever it may be, repaint your front door no matter what! This helps with the overall outlook of the house. 

Paint your interior if needed and choose sophisticated colors

Sometimes there are couch marks, different colors in different rooms, maybe your kids have painted nice pictures with crayons or just old fading paint. To make your home looks crisp, fresh and appealing, repaint the house again and it will certainly get the attention that it requires!

Take advantage of good lighting

Use bright lights to make your home look brighter, shiny, and open. Try to chose same colors bulbs throughout the house to maintain consistency and naturality. The house that is bright on the inside increases the positivity which in turns helps the buyers to feel good. Afterall, its the feeling in the house that helps it to sell.

Consider Professional Staging

Professional staging will give you a complete makeover of your house. Staging furniture is chosen wisely by companies to make you home looks open, cleaner, more appealing, and functional which is necessary for buyers to see.

Put up wall pieces and paintings

Nice pictures, paintings, antique mirrors, and wall arts always adds value. You could never go wrong with putting them up. You can even have a gallery wall and put up most of your artwork on that wall to make it look like the iconic section of your house. Put that personal touch in the house so it doesn't look boring.

Clean your house very well

Deep clean your house very well and consider professional cleaning in case you have carpet or very dirty place. Some tenanted properties are hard to clean without professional help. Get that help and clean the house. If you have pets, make sure it does not look like you do. Clean those pet hairs and remove all the odors. And viola!! House smells and feels wfresh like you don't want to leave ever!

Repair little things that you can

If there is caulking coming off from the side of a sink, put some caulking there. If there is a light bulb not working, replace that. If there is something little that you know you can repair at home, do that.

Declutter and put away all the toys and stuff not needed

Keep your place neat and tidy. Put away all the toys in bins and put them in the basement or garage in a nice way so it looks tidy there as well. The less stuff you have in the house, the better it is as the house looks bigger and more appealing without the clutter.

Hire a Professional Real Estate agent

Hiring the right agent is important because the professional agent can advise you the things that needs to be done to your house before listing so it looks better. On top of it, that agent will negotiate to get the best dollars for your house!

Make sure you repair the things that your Real Estate agent advises

Every house needs a bit of tweaking before it is presented. Listen to everything your Realtor suggests and get the jobs done.

Lessen the burden of closets

Make sure you take the unnecessary stuff out of your closets and put them away. Open closets and bedrooms help people to see the space and gives the illusion of big rooms and more space which is always one of the key things needed in a house.

Address all odors

Make note of this and buy scented candles or air fresheners to put in every room so the rooms do not smell like food, socks, your dirty clothes, or pets. This makes the potential buyers feel cozy and nice at your home and makes them emotionally attached to the house to some extent.

Make your kitchen and bathrooms appealing

Kitchen and bathrooms are the main selling point of any home. Make sure to keep them clean and shiny and decluttered and if they need a bit of renovation or modernization, consider that seriously. Better your kitchens and bathrooms, higher your sale price will be.

Take your pets out with yourself while showings

If you have pets and there is a showing booked to view your home, take your pet out with you. Do not leave them home as it makes some buyers feel uncomfortable and they are not able to focus on the home completely.

Let the natural light come in.

Do not use dark drapes or window coverings to stop that sunlight come in our house. In fact, people like bright houses. So, open all the windows and covering, turn on the lights and leave place smelling nice for when there are showings booked to see your property. 

Take the home out of your house (Depersonalise your house)

Take down your personal photos, cards, and other personal touches from your house if you are trying to sell it. Let the potential buyer walk in the house and let them feel comfortable in your house so they can imagine your house to be theirs. If you have too much personal photos up, it will not let the buyers feel like this could be their home.

Buy Fresh Flowers and Plants

Put fresh flowers in a nice vase and set them on the coffee table. It might not sound like but helps a lot in making the home look more attractive and cozier.

Always be prepared for a showing

Always feel that you might have to show the house to somebody at anytime and hence always be prepared for it. If you cooked, instantly wash the dishes, and put them away to avoid cluttering. If you washed clothes, fold and put them away right away.

Plant a Tree

Most people love mature trees in front of their houses. Plant that tree along with other landscaping so it enhances the beauty of your house.

Again, all these steps have helped me to help my clients in a better way and make the transaction smoother and easier. Selling a house is imporatnt as it directly affects your next purchase as well.


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