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Best Stay At Home Vacation Ideas

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, we all have been sitting at home and some of us have been productive, some of us have not been, some of us are getting bored, some of us are getting depressed, some of us are getting things done and what not! We all are longing for this lockdown to come to end so our normal lives can bounce back because nobody wants to miss the fun of summer.

But in case this goes on for a while, have you though about what we all can do while sitting at home to enjoy this season? Here are some stay at home vacation and enjoyment ideas that can help you get by at the same time help you come closer, cheer you up and get things done!

Distribute The Tasks Amongst Everybody and Reward them

It is interesting that how in most households, the mother performs all the major tasks in the house and everybody gets to enjoy. Well its time for The Mommie to take it to a next level. Come up with creative way to get the tasks done by your kids so they can enjoy the creative rewards! For Example:

  • Reward of an extra pancake for who ever cleans up their rooms the best.

  • Reward for an extra hour of games if the kids help you clean up.

Know your kids and use the activities to enhance your kids’ skills as well as make the time productive for yourself as well as for them.

Get The Chef Game on

Make the dish that you always wanted to while this lockdown. Let your inner chef come out and try those recipes that you wanted to. Will help you pass the time, feed everybody and work on your skills as well. Or even better, come up with a competition amongst everybody or work in teams and get the dinner ready.

Family Game Night at Home

Come up with all the board games and other competitive games that you can come up with. Prepare for food in the morning and make a schedule with all the games and competitions that you would like to play and enjoy the night.

Music and Dance Night at Home

Most of the people are waiting for the lockdown to end and then go out and party. Why not have a party at home? Dress up! Trust me this will definitely help to set the mood as well as will help you feel refreshed! If you don’t have a big music system at home, there is a great App called “Amp ME” that plays the same song at the same time on all the devices. You all can download that app and play the songs on all the phones and take the music game to the Next Level. Have Karaoke Competitions and enjoy your night.

Build a fort

If you have really young kids, help them make a fort or allow them to make a fort so they can play. Be a part of it and gather all the cardboards, blankets, sheets, tables, chairs and whatever else the fort may require to build the Ultimate Castle. You can use this Fort to watch a movie at night or even playing games or use it for telling stories.

Bring out your inner artist

This is the perfect time for everybody in the family to work on the hidden artist you have inside you. Adults and kids can use this time together or separately to use this time to your advantage. Adults who wanted to work on their talents can catch up like painting, writing, blogging, DIY Arts and Crafts or whatever it may be. At the same time bring out the artist inside your kids by giving them tasks like painting cardboard nails, Make bracelets and matching earrings, make a mail post to receive mails, make bird food feeders, make nests, paint the deck or porch, decorate the rooms and lots of other things to do.

Cool down with water play

Hot summer day is the perfect day to have some water splashing fun activities. Make a little water park in your backyard, bring out your water guns, fill balloons with water, get your portable backyard tube pool out and fill with water and have your tots play in it.

Learn something new

Use this time to learn what you always put aside for when you would have time to learn that thing that you always wanted to. Take that online course that you wanted to. If you wanted to change jobs but there was a certification that you needed, work towards that certificate. If you wanted to work on your website, build that now. If you wanted to edit your presentation content, this is the perfect time. Read the book you wanted to.

Camp out in your backyard

Due to the lockdown situation, nobody should be going out in the public places unless you seriously have to. Parks and recreation centres have been closed which means no camping. This gives us the opportunity to camp in our backyards.

Pitch a tent, grab your plating cards, sleeping bags, folding chairs, wireless speaker and have a camping night in your own backyard! Light up the fire in a pit and roast those marshmallows, share your stories and happy moments and enjoy the night!


Hope these ideas will help you get by this situation!

Thanks and Regards.

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